5 Baby Products with the Worst Amazon Reviews

Amazon baby product reviews make for a glorious and frightening read. Before you even think about adding that baby gear to your cart, check out what real customers had to say about popular baby products.

I’m serious. If you have run out of shows to binge-watch on Netflix, head on over to Amazon review section. In the world of baby products especially, where parents are known to take life very, very seriously (myself included), drama is sure to unfold in the product review section.

Get out the popcorn. These angry customer reviews are going to be good:

1. Amber teething necklace

(amazon – $17.99)

2. Baby bath hat

(amazon – $8.99)

3. Bathtub bubble maker

(amazon – $56.00)

4. Bumbo

(amazon – $44.00)

5. Breast pump

(amazon – $44.00)